What Is the Best Brand of Permanent Hair Color?

brand-permanent-hair-color Credit: STUDIO BOX/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Opinions on hair care products vary greatly from person to person, but the brands Wella, Matrix SoColor and Rusk are all highly regarded among professional hair stylists. Elgon is another hair color line that professionals rely upon for great quality.

Wella offers an expansive color selection and has some of the brightest and most vivid reds available. One thing to note with Wella is that adjustments may need to be made in order to receive the color requested by a client. Matrix SoColor provides great grey coverage while giving high shine and long-lasting color to hair. Rusk uses micro-fine pigments in cream color formulas that make hair look vibrant and bright. Elgon is an Italian brand that can be purchased online. Hair professionals love that Elgon provides a large amount of product for the same price as other colors, making it an economical option for permanent hair color.