What Does the Brand Name DC Shoes Mean?

The DC Shoes brand name is an abbreviated version of the company's original name from when it was founded in 1994, Droor's Clothing, a brand that has since been sold off and is now defunct. Since the Droor's Clothing brand was sold, DC Shoes has been known simply by the name DC Shoes, as the company is no longer associated with the Droor's Clothing name. The company's founders, Damon Way and Ken Block, started DC in Huntington Beach, and since its founding it has been acquired by the surf and skate brand Quicksilver.

Though DC Shoes, Inc. is now owned by Quicksilver, it maintains its own unique brand identity and is marketed under the same company name as prior to the acquisition. The company's offerings extend beyond the shoes implied by the DC Shoes name, marketing skateboarding and street shoes; apparel for men, women and children; accessories and equipment such as snowboards and snowboard boots.

DC's company name is also attached to professional skateboarding, snowboarding and motocross, with the company sponsoring professionals in these areas in addition to supporting amateurs. Some of the professionals on DC's teams have shoe models named after them, such as the Matt Miller S, the Nyjah Huston Signature Shoe and the Wes Kremer Pro.