What Are Some Facts About the Brand GirlsWithoutClothes?


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GirlsWithoutClothes is an urban lifestyle clothing brand established in 2013 and based in the Czech Republic. The brand promotes creativity, freedom, exploration and a love of nature/all things natural. GirlsWithoutClothes carries both men's, women's and unisex items in their online store.

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GirlsWithoutClothes claims to be a "smokin' hot urban apparel & lifestyle" store. Their products typically carry their brand logo as the main design, though they run in seasonal collections, making the pieces somewhat of a collector's item to those following the GWC brand.

The company also has a blog which is frequently updated and features photography, news about the brand and prose that embodies the heart and soul of GirlsWithoutClothes. Most photography sessions are in a boudoir style with local women wearing little more than one of the brand's items.

The brand ambassadors activlely promote most of the time, attending contests such as High Jump 2013, a cliff diving competition hosted in an afloat quarry near Prague. They seem to take the company motto to heart and even find a lot of their models at these events and festivals. Other women have been scouted using social networks, such as Facebook. Find GirlsWithoutClothes on Instagram to keep up with the latest endeavors.

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