Which Brand of Deodorant Lasts the Longest?

brand-deodorant-lasts-longest Credit: Rosa Images/Caiaimage/Getty Images

There are several brands of deodorant that claim to last for hours. The type that works best depends on a person's body chemistry and the amount of physical activity they perform each day.

Avon's On Duty deodorant works well, according to the Total Beauty website. As of 2014, the product is only $1.99 and is safe for everyday use. Kiss My Face Liquid Roll-On Deodorant is another popular product. One user claimed that the product left her sweat-free and without odor even after an hour-long workout. Kiehl's antiperspirant with linseed, orange and lemon extract is another deodorant that lasts for a long time and is ideal for wear in the summer.