What Is the Best Brand of Brass Knuckles?


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Brass Knuckles Company provides a wide variety of brass knuckles in various types and brands. Brass Knuckles Company markets them as a weapon rather than a fashion accessory. They can be purchased as weapons for self-defense, as gifts for others or simply for their attractive appearance; Brass Knuckles Company also sells a variety of other weapons and self-defense items.

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Brass knuckles were originally designed as fighting tools for offensive attacks or self-defense. They are generally designed with four holes for four fingers and are worn with the hand clenched in a fist. A hit with brass knuckles can cause extreme pain and severe injury. In some cases, it can even cause death. Brass knuckles should be treated as dangerous weapons and used responsibly.

In 2014, brass knuckles are most commonly seen in movies and television. Music and movie stars often display them as fashion accessories in photo shoots when they want to appear a bit edgy or dangerous. Brass knuckles can also be used as automobile ornaments, production props, paperweights, costume jewelry and bottle openers. Since they are now produced in so many styles and sizes, brass knuckles have become less popular as weapons and more popular as expensive accessories.

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