What Are Some Braiding Hairstyles?


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Braided hairstyles include a French braid, a Dutch braid, a rope braid and a fishtail braid, according to Cosmopolitan. These braids can be worn in different ways to create unique and intricate hairdos.

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Some other braided hairstyles include, a braided updo, a braided bun, the waterfall braid, the upside-down braided bun, the braided ponytail, the crown braid (where the hair is braided on either side of the face and looped over the top of the head creating a crown), and the draped braid.

Braided hairstyles can get quite intricate by combining different braids, like a French braid that leads into a fishtail braid. This particular style is also known as a duo texture braid.

A boho braid is made by combining many small braids all over the head into one larger braid. The fishtail flower braid, as demonstrated by Cosmopolitan, is an intricate hairstyle created by making two small fishtails braids near the temples, and instead of simply tying them together at the back of the head, the ends of the braids are turned into a bun.

The spiral braid is created by French braiding the hair starting on one side of the forehead and braiding around the head in a spiral figure.

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