What Are Some Braided Hair Styles for Black Women?


Shred braids, box braids, cornrows, updos and headbands are some of the braided hairstyles worn by black women. These protective hairstyles last from days to months, and they minimize damage from chemicals and heat. Additionally, they work for varying lengths of hair.

Shred braids are braided from the scalp, often with extensions, and sizes range from micro to large. Approximately halfway between the scalp and the end of the hair, the braid ends, and the remainder is left loose. The synthetic part of the hair can then be curled and styled without damage to the human hair.

Box braids involve parting the hair into square sections before braiding, and they sometimes include extensions. They are usually the circumference of a pencil up to the size of a thumb. Cornrows involve parting a section of hair and braiding it close to the scalp. Extensions can be used, and the braids can be any width.

Updos can be created using cornrows that travel from the edge of the scalp to the crown. The ends can be braided or left free and then twisted into a bun, French roll or Mohawk. Updos can also be created using braids that are pulled up with the desired finish. Great for both long and short hair, a braided headband protects the edges of the hair. The headband is braided along the edges from one ear and across the forehead to the other ear or around the entire head. The rest of the hair is left loose.