What Are Some Braided Hair Designs?

What Are Some Braided Hair Designs?

Some braided hairstyles include the classic French braid, waterfall braid, fishtail braid and simple plaited hair. Braided hair designs for African-American hair include Marley twists, cornrow updos and jumbo braids.

The classic French braid is appropriate for any hair type. The braid starts small, but hair gets incorporated into the braid as it moves along the head. The braid can start on top of the head and go straight down or off to the side and move in a diagonal.

A waterfall braid is a variation of the French braid with strands of hair left hanging between the weave. The fishtail braid starts with two strands. Stylists weave tiny strands of hair into the center, creating a fishbone pattern.

One option for African-American hair is using braids to secure extensions. These can be used to make the traditional, three-strand plait. However, another option is having Marley-style twists put into the hair. It's also possible to twist long hair into Marley braids.

Different variations of cornrows exist for African-American hair, including those that end in updos. Sometimes stylists create cornrows just at the nape of the hair and top the head with jumbo braids or twists. It's also possible to create cornrows in the sides and back, and finish the look with a French roll on top. Stylists can also braid the cornrows in different designs, such as waves, sharp angles and plaits of varying widths.