How Do You Braid a Boy's Hair?

How Do You Braid a Boy's Hair?

Use a rat-tail comb and a spray bottle filled with water to braid a boy’s hair. Ensure that the hair is healthy and moisturized before braiding it to create this cornrow hair style. Covering the head with a scarf or a satin cap before bed makes the braids last longer.

  1. Section the hair

    Use a rat-tail comb to create sections in the hair. Create thin sections for small cornrows and thick sections for big cornrows. Divide each section into three equal parts.

  2. Braid the hair

    Braid the hair from the section going down, keeping the hair attached to the head to create a cornrow. Gently grab pieces of loose hair into the braid as you continue to braid the hair down. Use a spray bottle filled with water and your fingers to detangle the hair as you work your way down the braid. Continue to add more hair to the braid until you reach the end of the scalp.

  3. Continue braiding longer hair

    Once you finish braiding the hair on the scalp, continue braiding the hair if it is long and extends past the scalp.

  4. Secure the end of the braid

    Use a rubber band to secure the end of the braid to keep it from unraveling. Braid the other sections of hair, ensuring that all braids are the same size.