How Do You Braid Black Hair?


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To braid black hair, it needs to be clean, well-moisturized, detangled and then braided section by section until complete. It is helpful to use some kind of hair oil when braiding, because it keeps the hair smooth, frizz-free and easier to work with.

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To braid cornrows, decide where the part will be, spray down the section of hair to be worked with, and then begin braiding. Pull a small piece of hair away from the rest of the bunch, separate it into three equal-size sections, and start braiding the pieces. Do this is by repeatedly crossing the far-right section over the middle section, and then crossing the far-left section over the middle section.

To make two-strand twist braids, decide how big the twists will be, and which section to begin with, and then start twisting. This is done by taking two equal strands and winding them tightly away from the head in a rope-like pattern. It is helpful to switch to a one-strand twist toward the end of each strand to properly secure the ends. Repeat this process on the rest of the hair, while being careful to make sure each twist is the same size, to create even, strong and well-crafted braids.

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