How Do You Braid Bangs?

How Do You Braid Bangs?

To braid your bangs, part the hair on the side, start the braid, and add hair to the braid only from the back. Keep the hair flush with the hairline until you reach the end of the bangs. Braid past the hairline, and secure the end with bobby pins.

  1. Part the hair

    Part the hair on the side. All of the bangs should be on one side of the parting. Comb the bangs to remove all tangles.

  2. Section the hair

    Separate out a 1-inch section starting from the part and encompassing the width of the bangs. Divide this strand into three sections.

  3. Start the braid

    Starting with the back strand, lay it over the middle strand. Repeat this process with the front strand. Make sure the braid is flush with the forehead.

  4. Add hair to the braid

    Take a small section of hair from the bangs before you lay the back strand over the center again. Add the small section to the overlying strand, and fold it into the braid.

  5. Braid without adding hair

    Lay the front strand over the center section without adding any hair. Keep the braid close to the hairline.

  6. Continue braiding

    Before laying over the back strand, add a small segment of hair again. Braid from the front without adding hair. Continue this alternating process until you have worked across the forehead and incorporated all the bangs.

  7. Finish the braid

    Continue the alternating process down into the hanging hair until the braid is level with your temple. Clasp the braid to your head with a bobby pin.