What Are Some Bra Brands That Promise to "lift and Separate?"

Playtex coined the phrase "to lift and separate" with its release of the Cross Your Heart bra in 1954. While other companies, such as Wacoal, may claim similar effects, Playtex was the first to use this phrase, producing bras that had built-in underwire to achieve this. Playtex continues to sell the Cross Your Heart bra as of 2015, and has expanded this bra line to include the Eighteen-Hour Bra, Playtex Secrets, Full Support and Everyday Basics.

Other brand names that produce bras that lift and separate include Victoria's Secret Body By Victoria line and the Incredible VSX sports bras. Wacoal branded bras rate as top of the line, but also come with added expense, while Victoria's Secret bra lines prove more affordable with similar results. Finding a bra brand that lifts and separates begins with being properly fitted, services that both Victoria's Secret stores and Wacoal offer clients.

Wacoal claims that eight out of 10 women wear the wrong size bra and that being fitted for the correct size is paramount in finding a flattering fit. The company recommends that women be fitted for bra size once a year to accommodate changes in their figures. Wacoal offers in-store appointments with fit specialists that are reported to take less than 15 minutes per client.