How Do You Body Paint Swim Suits?


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Painting a swim suit onto a body is generally done with airbrushing paints and equipment. This is considered to be the fastest, safest and most professional option. The equipment needed includes an airbrush and an air compressor. A painter may use either water-based or alcohol-based paint. The latter lasts longer and is water-resistant, but is also harder to remove. Depending on the difficulty of the design, the process can take from one to up to several hours.

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There are a variety of options for airbrushing equipment. A single action brush controls the rate of air flow, but does not automatically control the paint flow. This type is best suited for easy painting projects and beginners. A dual action brush allows the artist to control both air flow and paint flow. For simple and non-professional painting projects, the single action brush is recommended.

Other body painting options include using markers. The upside to this option is that the paint does not crack and/or peel like body paint, and marker designs don't warp when the skin moves. The downside is that using markers is time-consuming, and the markers can smear. This option is not recommended for any designs that cover a large area.

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