What Is Body Art Quality Henna?


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BodyArtQuality.com defines body art quality henna as henna that has the highest natural dye content, is finely sifted and has no other substance mixed in with it. Artists only use body art quality henna to paint skin because it leaves longer-lasting stains and is easier to use to make fine patterns.

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Body art quality henna makes up the finest 10 percent of all henna products. Henna begins as a crop with a dye content determined by laboratory tests. The henna crops with the highest dye content are separated from the other crops and carefully cleaned of twigs, dirt and berries. Then, the leaves are softened and cleaned multiple times to ensure a fine sift and a higher dye content. From there, it is packaged and sent out to distributors. Nothing new is added including chemicals, salts or artificial color.

The process of sorting and sifting henna for body art takes time and labor. Body art quality henna is more expensive than lower-quality henna that makes up the remaining 90 percent of henna products and is often used to dye hair. This type of henna is called compound henna because it is mixed with other ingredients including metallic salts and synthetic dyes.

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