What Are Some Bobbi Brown Makeup Tips?

What Are Some Bobbi Brown Makeup Tips?

Bobbi Brown makeup tips include using the right moisturizer to make foundation last longer and moisturizing the lips to keep lipstick from bleeding. Lipstick tends to bleed when the lips are dry, so a moisturizing lip color with vitamin E prevents this from occurring.

To camouflage lip lines, Bobbi Brown suggests first putting on a lip balm with beeswax. Beeswax softens lip lines and keeps lip color from bleeding into the lip grooves. The next step is to line the mouth with a liner that matches the natural lip color. Applying a creamy matte lipstick softens any additional lines.

To make filled-in brows look more natural, Bobbi Brown recommends using a pencil to fill in the brows using short strokes before applying a coating of powder with an angled brow brush. After using a brow comb to blend the brow, a brow gel sets the eyebrow.

To soften the lines running from the nose to the mouth, Bobbi Brown suggests applying a moisturizer followed by application of a creamy liquid foundation to the entire face, making sure to apply it to the folds as well. Using a bright pink blush on the apples of the cheeks draws attention away from the lines.

Using a concealer that is one shade lighter than the foundation and layering it over some eye cream hides circles under the eyes. Using a yellow-toned powder provides blending and makes the effect last longer.