What Are Some Bob Hairstyles for Black Women?


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Some ideas for bob hairstyles for black women include a curly bob that features blond highlights, a bob that is long and has bright colors, a bob with short layers and bangs, and a bob that is shorter in the back than in the front, suggests StayGlam. Several bob hairstyles can be worn either curly or straight and can be spiced up with bright colors if an edgy look is desired.

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The most suitable bob hairstyle options depend on the specific woman's face shape. Black women with heart-shaped faces can benefit from a bob with curls and side-swept bangs, suggests Good Housekeeping. Black women with oval-shaped faces can choose from bob hairstyles that have a lot of volume. On the other hand, many bob styles can be modified to suit a specific face shape.

Some other bob hairstyle ideas for black women include a two-toned bob that is short, straight and has long side-swept bangs, a very long bob haircut with messy waves, a bob of any length with an ombre effect, and a bold blonde bob with side-swept bangs. Black women with curly hair can also opt for a very short bob that shows off their curls, while those with straight hair might opt for an angled bob with an ombre effect, notes StayGlam.

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