How Do You Do a Bob Hairstyle With a Weave?


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To do a bob hairstyle with a weave, cornrow the natural hair into weave tracks, attach 10- to 14-inch hair extensions, and use a razor to cut the hair into a bob. For an unusual and distinctive look, incorporate several extensions in neon colors, such as blue, purple or pink.

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Brush the hair, and use the pick end of a styling comb to separate the hair into thin horizontal sections. Cornrow each section tightly. Sew the extensions into the cornrow tracks, starting at the nape of the neck and working up toward the crown. After installing all of the extensions, use a razor to cut them into a bob. Start at the center of the head and work outward, frequently comparing strands from each side to keep the haircut even.

Examine the bob with a mirror, and make additional cuts if necessary. When satisfied with the style, use a curling iron to flip the edges of the bob up or down. If you prefer a straight bob, lightly flat-iron the hair. Apply a small amount of an edge control product to the tips of the hair, and then spray the bob with shine spray. Finish the style with a mist of flexible hairspray.

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