What Is a Blue Gem Called?


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Blue gems come in many different varieties and colors, with sapphire being the most classic and highly prized blue gemstone from the mineral corundum. All blue corundums are known as sapphires while corundums of all other colors are called fancy sapphires, and red corundums are known as rubies. Other gemstones with a blue color include tanzanite, zircon, topaz, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, spinel, tourmaline, iolite, apatite, agate, rainbow moonstone, kyanite, fluorite and paraiba tourmaline.

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Other varieties of blue gemstones include azurite, which is a soft, opaque gem with a dark blue color. The aquamarine variety of gem comes from the mineral beryl and its name is derived from its resemblance to seawater. Aquamarine is also available in a richer hue of blue, which has a greater desirability.

Black opal is another variety of blue gemstone that has a black base and a blue play-of-color quality. Larimar is a rare blue gem that has a delicate surface, which can fade when exposed to bright light. Larimar is only found in the Dominican Republic and it is specifically prized for its blue color.

Some other blue gemstones are dumortierite, sodalite, hemimorphite, labradorite, which produces blue iridescent flashes, and turquoise, which is so highly acclaimed that its name has become synonymous with the name of a color in English.

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