Are Blondes Treated Differently?

blondes-treated-differently Credit: Jamie Grill/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Scientific studies conducted on the impact of hair color on social interaction suggest that men prefer women with brown hair and that individuals with blonde hair can negatively affect the intellectual performance of other people. However, blondes can also experience increased confidence due to their hair color, which leads to better treatment.

Many studies suggest that hair color can have a large impact on social interaction. For example, a study conducted in Paris found that men receive lower scores on knowledge tests when they see pictures of blondes. This suggests that people tend to conform to the stereotypes in which they believe. Because blondes are often thought of as dumb, people they interact with unconsciously mimic this stereotype.

While many view blonde women as objects of desire, a study conducted by Florida State University suggests that brunette is the hair color preferred by men. The research found that 46% of men prefer women with brown hair, and 27% like black hair best and 19% of men are fans of blondes.

While blonde hair may be in line with some negative stereotypes, a study by Clairol found that having blonde hair increases confidence. This confidence can lead to improvements in work performance and social interactions.