How Do You Bleach Jeans?

How Do You Bleach Jeans?

To bleach jeans, submerge them in a basin filled with equal amounts of hot water and bleach, wring them out, wash them twice without detergent, and hang them up to dry. This two-hour project requires rubber gloves, newspapers, a plastic tub, water, bleach, a washing machine, clothespins and a clothesline.

  1. Prepare the work space

    Cover the floor with old newspapers, set the plastic basin on top, and lay additional newspapers between the basin and the washing machine. Put on long rubber gloves, and fill the basin with equal parts hot water and bleach.

  2. Bleach the jeans

    Set the jeans in the bleach solution, and push the fabric down until the entire garment is submerged. Wait 20 minutes, then check the color of the denim. Check it every 10 minutes until you are satisfied with the results, then lift the jeans out of the basin.

  3. Transfer the jeans to the washing machine

    Slowly wring the jeans out over the basin, carry them to the washing machine, and place them inside.

  4. Wash the jeans twice

    Close the washing machine lid, and run the wash cycle twice. Do not use detergent.

  5. Hang the jeans up to dry

    Remove the jeans from the washing machine, and clip them to a clothesline to air dry.