How Do You Bleach Hair With Peroxide?

To bleach hair with peroxide, pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle, mist the hair with it, spend time in the sun, rinse the hair, and apply conditioner. This one-hour process requires hydrogen peroxide, a spray bottle, a mirror, water, conditioner and a comb.

  1. Fill the bottle

    Pour hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle, and screw on the cap.

  2. Comb and spray the hair

    Comb the hair, and spray it with the peroxide. Spray all of the hair for uniform lightening, or spray small sections to create highlights.

  3. Go outside

    Go outside for 30 minutes, and expose the hair to the sun. Direct sunlight is most effective.

  4. Rinse and condition the hair

    Rinse the hair with cool water, and apply a moisturizing conditioner. Leave the conditioner on the hair for five minutes, and then rinse with cool water.

  5. Dry and inspect the hair

    Squeeze the excess water from the hair, and wrap it in a towel. Leave the towel in place for five minutes, then remove it, and gently comb the damp hair. Once the hair is completely dry, evaluate its color. For a more dramatic bleaching effect, apply the peroxide twice a week until the hair is sufficiently lightened.