How Do You Bleach Facial Hair?


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To bleach facial hair, one needs a facial hair bleaching kit and an unscented face moisturizer. While each kit varies on the specific instructions, the general process involves bleaching the face with the products. Keeping a watchful eye on the process, thoroughly cleaning the product off of the face, and aftercare.

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The most important step in bleaching facial hair is the patch test. This helps one determine if the skin is able to take the strong bleach properties. After ensuring that the hair bleaching kit is designed only for the face and body, one should apply the mixture on the arm for 15 minutes. After washing it off, one inspects the skin for the next 24 hours for any irritation.

If no redness or irritation occurs, the next step is to prepare the skin for the bleach by washing it with cool water and a mild soap. Cool water prevents any irritation from occurring from open pores caused by hot water. One then applies the bleaching mixture onto the skin by placing an ample amount of the product into the hair without rubbing it into the skin. After leaving the product on for 10 minutes or the amount of time specified by the kit, one removes bleach from a small area to determine if the hair is bleached. If it is not bleached by then, one reapplies the product on the product and leaves it on for another five minutes. The product is then removed with cool water with a moisturiser applied to the skin immediately after.

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