How Do You Bleach Blonde Hair Extensions?


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There are two ways that hair extensions can be bleached. A person can buy bleaching kits or buy the products separately and mix them at home. If she is mixing the products at home, she needs to buy bleach powder, toner and a developer with a volume that does not exceed 20. An amount more than this can dry the extensions out.

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How Do You Bleach Blonde Hair Extensions?
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When bleaching hair extensions, the first recommendation is to test a small piece so that the mixture of the solution is to the individual's liking. In this process the extensions need to be treated with the same caution that would be used on the person's hair. It is recommended that one to two scoops of powder are mixed with 4 oz of the developer. The mixture should be a mousse-like paste. The bleach needs to be applied to the extensions with a tiny brush. Leave the solution on the extensions for the recommended time. If the color is still too dark, then leave the solution on the extensions until the desired look is achieved. Rinse out the mixture with shampoo, and then condition the hair. There is a chance that the hair has become yellow in color. If this is the case, apply a toner, and follow the directions. Rinse the toner out, and condition again.

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