What Does Black Tea Do to Your Hair If You Put It On?

Black tea is a beneficial agent for a person’s hair. According to Style Craze, the ingredients in black tea help to prevent hair loss, promote hair growth, add shine, increase hair thickness and act as a natural hair dye.

Style Craze credits caffeine as a stimulant that aids hair growth. Additionally, caffeine nixes DHT (Dihydtrotestosterone), which is a hormone factor that triggers hair loss. In turn, black tea placed on the scalp thickens hair and prevents loss. To reap these benefits, Style Craze suggests one treatment a month, as excess caffeine can stunt hair growth.

To add shine and darkness to hair, Style Craze advocates mixing 3 bags of tea with 6 cups of boiling water. After the mixture has cooled to room temperature, it can be placed on the hair, which is then covered with a towel for about an hour, and then rinsed. This rinse can also darken the hair, add highlights to dark black and brown hair and eliminate grey hairs, says Style Craze. Urban Bush Babes suggests using a black tea rinse after hair has been washed, followed with a deep conditioner.

Urban Bush Babes warns that black tea may stain clothing, and when using, to wear old clothing.