How Do You Do Black Swan Makeup?

How Do You Do Black Swan Makeup?

Natalie Portman's look as a psychologically tortured ballerina in the 2010 movie "Black Swan" was incredibly dramatic, but it is simple to re-create. You need light-colored foundation and concealer, black eyeliner, silver cream eye shadow, a black kohl pencil, black mascara, and dark lipstick and lip liner.

  1. Lighten your skin tone

    Use foundation lighter than your own skin tone to create a porcelain look as a makeup base. Add light-colored concealer to the eye area. Set the foundation with a porcelain matte finish.

  2. Draw the dramatic eyes

    Use a fine, black liquid eyeliner to draw the outline of the wing shape around the eyes. Start at the inner bridge of the nose, and draw a wing that goes past the eyebrow toward the hairline. Draw a connecting line from the outer corner of the eye to create the exaggerated wing shape. Line the lower lash line with black liquid eyeliner. Fill the entire wing in with black. Then use a fine brush to feather the silver cream eye shadow to highlight the black wing. Apply black kohl pencil to the water line, and add black mascara.

  3. Line and fill the lips

    Use a dark burgundy lip liner to line the lips precisely. Fill them in with a burgundy lipstick.