How Is Black Lipstick Applied?


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Many options and products exist for black lip color. No matter the method or product chosen, lip preparation is important. Proper application of black lip color depends on preparing the lips with moisturizer, defining the shape with lip liner and choosing a quality lipstick to fill in the lips.

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How Is Black Lipstick Applied?
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Black lipstick is a bold look that attracts attention; mistakes stand out. Take care that it is applied as neatly and evenly as possible. As with any lipstick, moisturizing the lips before application is important. Apply a favorite moisturizer to the lips at the beginning of makeup application. Allow it to settle while applying other makeup. Add a bit of foundation or concealer to the lips to provide a great base for lipstick application later.

For dramatic lips, try layering several products. Begin with lip liner, taking care to create a neat, well-defined border. Feather the liner inwards toward the center of the lips, or fill in the lips completely. Next, apply lipstick over the liner.

To help color last longer, blot the first layer with a tissue. Add a second layer and blot it as well. This creates a dramatic matte-black lip. Apply black gloss for a deep, wet look. Alternatively, apply black gloss over another color to create deep shades or red, purple or mauve. Be sure that any chosen product is of good quality, provides adequate coverage and does not dry out the lips.

Conventional makeup wisdom states that the eyes and the lips should not to compete for attention. When going with bold lips, use simple, subdued eye makeup. This is a good rule of thumb, but if a particularly dramatic, theatrical look is desired, play up the eyes too.

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