How Is a Black Beauty Salon Different Than a Regular Salon?


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Black beauty salons are different from other salons in that they specialize in cutting, styling and treating kinky hair. Most black people have kinky hair. These salons can straighten kinky hair with chemicals or with heat. They can also curl kinky hair with chemicals that are not suitable for those with straighter hair.

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Some beauty salons that service mostly black customers specialize in relaxing or curling kinky hair, and others work with kinky hair in its natural state. Chemical relaxers are one of the most popular ways to straighten kinky hair. Black beauty salons also use hot combs and curling irons to relax kinky hair. Using heat high enough to straighten kinky hair requires care and experience to get the best results.

Some black salons may specialize in using chemicals to curl kinky hair permanently. For kinky hair, this is a two-step process because this hair texture needs to be relaxed before applying the curling solution. Salons that specialize in kinky hair in its natural state have experience styling hair in braids, cornrows, twists, locs and in other ways that limit tangling and don't require too much daily maintenance to style. Braids or cornrows are often useful for customers who wear weaves because they are the base to attach the weaved hair.

Whether kinky-textured hair is chemically or heat treated or not, these salons use gentle, hydrating products to clean, condition and style this hair type. Black salons are also careful to prevent tangling black hair when washing. If tangling occurs, black beauty salon stylists detangle kinky hair gently, one small section at a time, to limit damage.

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