What Is the Birthstone for June?


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June has three birthstones: the pearl, alexandrite and moonstone. Pearls are elegant white, gold or silver, alexandrite birthstones can appear green or purple and moonstones are three-dimensional colored gems.

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Pearls were popular in the Roman Empire and in Tudor England in the 1500s, or the pearl age. The creation of a pearl starts with a small object, such as a rock or piece of shell, that gets stuck in the soft inner body of an oyster, which then covers it in a crystalline substance called nacre.

Moonstones shimmer like the moon and are usually three shades of blue, although there are green, orange and brown varieties. In India, the moonstone is considered magical. Adularization, or the shimmer of light, is caused by light rays scattering inside the moonstone.

Alexandrite gemstones are rare. They are green during the day or under fluorescent light but look purple in incandescent light.

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