Are Bikini Halter Tops Still in Fashion?

Bikini halter tops remain extremely popular every season, according to As of September 2015, bikini halter tops are featured on the online swimwear catalog of women's underwear apparel maker, Victoria's Secret, the country's largest retailer of lingerie.

InStyleSwimwear features bikini halter tops in various styles and colors. Victoria's Secret sells bikini halter tops with names such as the push-up halter, the plunge halter, the close up halter, the hottie halter and the getaway halter. The halter bikini top is characterized by a single strap running from the front of the garment to the back of the wearer's neck to hold the garment up and another strap running along the middle of the back to hold the garment in place. The back is mostly backless. Halter tops also come in various padding levels.