How Do You Get Big Hair?

How Do You Get Big Hair?

To create big hair, use a volumizing shampoo, apply a volumizing product throughout the hair starting at the roots, and blow dry the hair upside down. Use a comb or brush to tease the hair for even more volume, smoothing over the top layer to hide the backcombing.

  1. Wash your hair

    Wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo. Lightly condition the ends of the hair. Blot your hair with a towel, and comb your hair to remove tangles.

  2. Apply product

    Select a product especially for creating volume, such as styling gel. Apply the product near the scalp, working it through toward the ends. Use a wide-tooth comb to evenly distribute the product through the hair.

  3. Blow dry the hair with your head upside-down

    Attach a diffuser to your blow dryer. Turn your head upside-down so the hair is hanging down. Run the blow dryer through your hair at a low heat setting. Start drying near the scalp first while pulling the hair straight out from the head. Continue drying the hair this way until the roots to halfway up the shaft are dry

  4. Finish drying the hair

    Continue pulling the hair out and either fluffing or scrunching it until it is completely dry.

  5. Backcomb the hair

    Identify areas where you want more volume. Pull a section of hair from this area straight away from the head, holding it with a light grip. Draw a comb or a brush down toward the scalp, compressing hair near the scalp. Continue this process wherever you want maximum volume.

  6. Smooth the top

    Use the comb or brush to gently smooth over the top layer of hair so none of the backcombing is visible. Apply hairspray to keep the style in place.