How Do You Get Big Curly Hair?

How Do You Get Big Curly Hair?

To get big, curly hair, wash the hair, and apply product. Dry the hair upside-down, use a round brush to finish drying, and curl all the hair. Make the hair big by teasing near the roots and smoothing down the top layer of hair.

  1. Wash your hair

    Wash your hair, and condition it. Lightly rinse the hair. Use a towel to blot excess water from the hair.

  2. Apply product

    Apply a medium-hold product such as hair gel to the roots. Mist the rest of the hair with a heat protector spray.

  3. Start blow drying

    Set the blow dryer setting to low heat and high air. Flip your hair over, and blow dry until it is 85 percent dry. Dry from the roots outward. Use your fingers to scrunch the hair while drying.

  4. Use a round brush

    Switch the blow dryer setting to high heat and low air. Divide the hair into three sections, clipping two out of the way. Roll a round brush through the sections of hair, aiming the blow dryer down the strand. Continue until all the hair is dry.

  5. Curl the hair

    Roll a wide-barrel curling iron through a section of hair. Hold the iron for a second, and release it. Aim the curling iron in the opposite direction, and repeat the process. Continue alternating the direction of the curling iron until you curl all the sections of hair.

  6. Loosen the curls

    Flip your hair over. Lightly run your fingers through the roots to loosen the curls.

  7. Tease the roots

    Lift up a section of hair near the crown. Use a teasing brush to backcomb the hair near the scalp. Spray the section with a light-hold hairspray, and release it. Repeat with a section closer to the front. Use the brush to smooth down the top layer of hair.