Who Are Big Beautiful Ladies?

Big beautiful women, which Oddee defines as anyone over size 12, count Tara Lynn, Justine Legault, Christina Mendez, Barbara Brickner and Silvia Rho among their number. One model, Crystal Renn, rose to prominence after reappearing as a plus-sized model after her former career as a straight-size model.

Abbreviated as "bbw," big beautiful women is a euphemistic term for overweight women, commonly used either in fashion or on fetish sites, according to Wikipedia. The term first appeared in 1979 when Carole Shaw launched BBW Magazine, targeting plus-sized women. As Crystal Renn discusses in her interview with Eric Wilson of The New York Times, the term is flexible and subjective, referring to women who are barely overweight, women who are morbidly obese, and anyone in between. In 2014, Renn disclosed to Glamour that she was currently a size 8, and to Wilson that magazines often doctor photos to emphasize or exaggerate her body. Other plus-sized models have stated that they are asked to wear padding to increase their size during photo shoots.

Renn is vocally critical of the plus-size movement to Wilson. Although she credits part of her eating disorder recovery to increased fat acceptance in the fashion industry, she also states that some photographers and directors fetishize fat and do not focus on the overall goal of diversity in body shapes.