What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Girdle?


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Benefits of wearing a girdle include skin tightening and support for postpartum women, feelings of confidence, weight loss support and back support. Many women wear girdles after giving birth to prevent a sagging stomach, alleviate pain and reduce scar tissue. Girdles are not only used by postpartum women, as girdles also help both men and women reduce their anxiety, provide support after surgery and alleviate tension in the neck.

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Postpartum girdles are commonly used because pregnancy stretches muscles and ligaments, and pushes internal organs out of their original place, and girdles make the recovery process faster, more comfortable and painless. Pregnancy can also alter a woman's posture, and girdles help women relearn how to prevent slouching, making activities such as breastfeeding easier. Girdles also help patients with back injuries and scoliosis by alleviating pain.

Girdles increase blood flow to incisions post-surgery, making the healing process faster and minimizing pain from the incisions. Many women who undergo cesarean section experience the feeling that their insides may fall out when they get out of bed, and girdles offer them reassurance that the incision will not burst open.

The deep pressure a girdle provides gives a similar feeling that patients receive during occupational therapy, which can help with panic attacks and depression. People also use girdles as a weight loss aid, as they help control appetite.

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