What Are the Benefits of Using Sodium-Chloride-Free Shampoo?


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Using a sodium-chloride-free shampoo decreases scalp irritation, increases moisture and improves the overall appearance and health of the hair. These sulfate-free shampoos help hair retain natural protective oils and aid in the absorption of color in color-treated hair. Sodium-chloride-free shampoo produces softer hair, and the ingredients are safer for the body and the environment.

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Sodium-chloride-free shampoos are also called cleansing conditioners because they do not lather like traditional shampoos, and their benefits closely resemble those of traditional conditioners. It is recommended that people use sulfate-free shampoo in place of their regular shampoo and conditioner routine and follow up once every two weeks with a clearing shampoo that removes build-up.

Some studies show that there may be medical reasons to choose sulfate-free products. These studies suggest that the liver absorbs sulfates, and the ingredients may upset the body's estrogen levels. Sulfates have also been shown to be a carcinogen. Since these studies lack concrete proof, the public rarely hears their results.

Sodium-chloride and other sulfates are used in shampoo and other foaming beauty products to produce the frothy lather associated with cleanliness. According to the makers of cleansing conditioners, lather is not necessary to providing an adequate cleaning. In fact, using sulfate-free shampoo gives hair a chance to regain its strength and natural good health.

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