What Are Some Benefits of Using Atomy Skin Care Products?

Atomy skin care products are claimed by the company to treat wrinkles, slow down aging process, whiten and moisturize users' skin. The products can also make users' skin smooth and firm.

Atomy skin care products belong to Sun Bio Tech, an institutional venture comes from a collaboration of two companies: The Korean Atomic Energy Institute (KAERI) and Korea Kolmar. In 2006, the Korea's Ministry of Education, Science and Technology officially approved Sun Bio Tech, making it the first of its kind to have such an achievement. Sun Bio Tech offers a variety of skin care products, sorted in three main categories: morning care, evening care and sun cream. The morning set has six products, while the evening set has four.

The six products of the morning care set include Eye Cream, Nutrition Cream, BB Cream, Essence, Skin Lotion and Milk Lotion. For example, the Milk Lotion contains black yeast beta glucan, a moisturizing factor that attracts moisture in air and keeps users' skin moisturized continuously. With ingredients made from fresh organic herb tea, Skin Lotion can treat various skin troubles.

Atomy’s Evening Care 4 line is a pack of four products to clean users' face and moisturize it throughout the night as well as treating skin troubles. The four products are Deep Cleansing, Peeling Gel, Foam Cleansing and Peel Off Pack. For example, the Peeling Gel contains moisturizing components to help prevents skin dryness after peeling and maintains skin moistness for a long time. It also contains grapefruit extract that helps calm and protect users' skin from harmful environments.