What Are Some Benefits of Using Argan Oil?


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Some benefits of using argan oil include moisturizing rough skin, giving hair a lovely sheen and possibly protecting against cardiovascular disease when consumed, according to the website of Argan Oil South Africa. Argan oil is used in traditional cooking and medicine in Morocco, where the source tree is naturally found.

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Argan oil contains high levels of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids that are responsible for its cosmetic and medicinal properties. Additional indications for its topical use include protecting against skin infections; clearing up skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis; speeding up recovery of chicken pox scars and burns; repairing skin damage; and preventing inflammation. It regulates the skin's pH balance to protect against harmful sun exposure.

As a food supplement, argan oil is reported to promote heart and brain health and regulate hormone levels.

Because the argan tree comes from a very limited geographic area of Morocco and the oil extraction process is long and tedious, pure authentic argan oil is rare and very expensive. VisibleScienceArganOil.com warns consumers against unscrupulous cosmetic manufacturers who may use less effective culinary grade argan oil in their cosmetics or use only a small amount of it, which denies users the full benefits of argan oil.

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