What Are Some Benefits of Showering After a Walk?


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Showering after a walk and other workouts is a good way to remove body odor, reduce the risk of zits and soothe aching muscles. Additionally, taking a cold shower increases blood flow to the skin, which reduces recovery time.

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During workouts, perspiration allows bacteria to reproduce. As well as causing body odor, this increases the risk of zits. Additionally, an individual who experiences micro-abrasions of the skin following a walk increases the risk of introducing bacteria to the area when he does not shower, which in turn increases the risk of infection. When taking a hot shower, walkers reduce muscle aches.

There are benefits to taking a cold shower after a walk too. Cold water encourages blood to leave the internal organs and move to the peripheries and skin. Additionally, it brings the walker's heart rate down and promotes better circulation. As a result, blood is less likely to gather around aching muscles and is more likely to reach the pace the body needs to experience a full recovery.

Another benefit of blood moving away from the muscles is that it clears lactic acid from the area, which builds up as muscles use a high amount of glucose. Finally, cold water contracts blood vessels, which in turn reduces the risk of swelling and pain following muscle strain.

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