What Are Some Benefits of Sandalwood Oil?


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Sandalwood oil may benefit the treatment of different skin conditions, such as acne, inflammation and dry skin, and may even help fight against skin cancer, according to HowStuffWorks and Healthline.com. The essential oil, derived from the East Indian sandalwood tree, is a popular ingredient in air fresheners, aromatherapy and alternative medical therapies. In ancient India and China, sandalwood oil was used to help relieve colds, urinary tract infections, hemorrhoids, digestive problems and muscle tightness.

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As a beauty ingredient, the warm woody fragrance of sandalwood oil makes it popular for use in perfumes. Moreover, it is applicable to all skin types, notes HowStuffWorks. This costly substance has topical applications for rashes and piles, while also showing potential to prevent infection caused by an antibiotic-resistant staph bacteria, notes Healthline. Sandalwood oil may also assist in wound repair and restoration, according to research by German scientists.

In terms of health benefits, sandalwood oil contains the compound a-santalol, which might deter the development of skin cancer, reports Healthline. Sandalwood oil may help guard against the formation of rough scaly patches of skin, called actinic keratosis. Sandalwood oil is also used as an aphrodisiac, and as a remedy to treat anxiety, bladder and reproductive organ infections, and coughs.

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