What Are the Benefits of Non Aerosol Shaving Cream?


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Nonaerosol shaving cream comes in a tube or tub and isn't sprayed. Because it doesn't have aerosol added to it, it's gentler on the skin and helps avoid razor burns or rashes. It also lasts longer and results in a closer shave.

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The main benefits of nonaerosol shaving cream are due to the fact that it doesn't have any aerosol in its composition. Aerosol is harsh and causes burns and rashes in sensitive skin. Nonaerosol creams are also better for close shaving because the gas in aerosol sprays pushes hair back down against the skin, which leads to the hair not being shaved properly. Lastly, since a nonaerosol cream does not rely on gas to push it out of its container, it lasts far longer than the aerosol variety.

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