What Are the Benefits of Henna for Hair?


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Among the benefits of henna for hair are its ability to strengthen hair and keep it from breaking, reduce dandruff, soften the hair, thicken and smooth hair cuticles, and eliminate head lice. Henna comes in pure forms as well as in products which add metallic and other ingredients, some of which may be harmful to hair.

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Henna can also be used to condition hair, especially when mixed with lemon juice or plain yogurt. Its softening and conditioning abilities are especially noticeable when used on dry, frizzy hair. Many people believe that henna helps to prevent hair loss. Henna also helps clean the scalp and may have a slight straightening effect on curly hair.

Henna is a plant-based skin and hair dye that comes from the leaves of the Lawsonia inermis plant. It typically adds a red tone to hair; the amount of color saturation depends on the amount of henna used, the form in which it is produced and how it is applied. It can be applied as part of a manufactured hair product or in its pure form combined with tea, yogurt, coffee or lemon juice. Henna should not be used with hair products containing protein; doing so can cause hair to break.

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