What Are the Benefits of Ear Wraps?


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The benefit of wearing an ear wrap is that you get the dramatic look of an ear cuff without any of the discomfort involved in use of the helix piercing. An ear wrap is a more comfortable alternative to an ear cuff.

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An ear cuff penetrates the earlobe as well as the helix piercing through the cartilage at the top of the ear, which can cause irritation, especially if the jewelry is heavy, as some ear cuffs are. Helix piercings are irritable, as they take longer to heal and are more "invasive" since they penetrate the cartilage. Accordingly, individuals with sensitivities to certain types of metals (such as nickel) have to be very careful to use only the highest quality precious metals in their helix piercings. An ear wrap, however, goes through the regular lobe piercing but merely "wraps" over the helix piercing, giving even weight distribution and aesthetic beauty without the discomfort. Ear wraps can be subtle and delicate or large and elaborate. Styles range in formality from boho-chic all the way up to bridal elegance. Because ear wraps only penetrate the traditional lobe piercing, they are not regarded as a "body piercing," or "modification," despite having a very dramatic effect.

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