What Is the Belly Button Piercing Procedure?

belly-button-piercing-procedure Credit: Brad Wilson/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Belly button piercings are very popular with both men and women. It is very important to go to a licensed professional that works in an established piercing shop for a belly button piercing. Always make sure that you are in a clean environment and that the piercing expert follows all sanitation procedures before piercing you.

  1. Lay across a clean piercing table

    Lay your back against a clean, professional piercing table with a disposable cover.

  2. Allow a professional to sterilize your navel

    A piercing expert should use clean, gloved hands to sterilize your navel.

  3. Relax as the professional pierces your navel

    The professional uses a piercing tool to pierce a hole through the top of the navel. The piercer then grabs the skin above your navel and pushes the piercing tool through a predetermined point. Mild pain is normal.

  4. Hold still while the piercer inserts the jewelry

    The piercer then replaces the piercing tool with a belly button ring in your navel.

  5. Clean and maintain your navel

    The professional will clean the pierced area. You should follow any instructions the piercer gives you on cleaning and maintaining your new belly button piercing. Avoid unnecessary touching or playing with your navel ring until the area is fully healed.