How Does BellaLabs Facial Cream Work?


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BellaLabs facial cream contains an elastin and collagen formula that helps restore the skin's firmness, encourage collagen production and hydrate. This cream is intended to help slow and reverse the skin's aging process.

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BellaLabs produces a high-quality facial cream that helps restore moisture and maintain youthful skin with daily use. This cream is usually applied after washing the face, and it must be given time to absorb into the skin. The cream contains collagen, elastin and Vitamin E.

Both collagen and elastin are important proteins used as connective tissue in the body. They are present in the skin, blood vessels, eyes and organs. Elastin is elastic in nature and helps the skin and other tissues snap back into place without sagging. Collagen is a strong, supportive group of proteins that make up about 30 percent of all of the proteins in the body. Collagen helps make skin firm and strong.

Together these two ingredients can restore some of the youthful appearance to the skin's surface. The addition of vitamin E gives the skin hydration, boosts cellular regeneration and protects the skin from further damage. This vitamin is a strong antioxidant that fights off skin-damaging free radicals.

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