How Do You Do a Beehive?

To make a beehive hairstyle, tease the top of the hair tightly, add backcombing to the back and smooth the top layer. Pull the top and sides up into a tucked roll, pin into place, and repeat the procedure for the bottom section.

  1. Section the hair

    Run your fingers from each temple to the back to separate the top portion of hair from the bottom.

  2. Tease the top section

    Use a teasing brush to back comb the entire top section of hair. Separate out 2-inch strands, and start from the center of the shaft. Make sure the teasing is tight to the scalp.

  3. Tease the back section

    Flip your head over to tease the back portion of the top. Start working back, heading in the direction of the nape.

  4. Smooth the top

    Return to an upright position. With a light touch, brush just the upper layer of the top and sides to create a smooth surface. Use styling hairspray to tame any wild hairs.

  5. Pull the sides into a roll

    Pull the sides and top into a loose ponytail at the crown. Hold the end of your ponytail in your left hand. Hook the middle with your right pointer finger, and start twisting the ponytail. Tuck the hair into the roll as you create the front of the beehive.

  6. Pin the sides

    Open a bobby pin, and push it into the roll so it grabs hair both from the roll and the hair near the scalp. Repeat this procedure until the roll is secure. Pull the front as high as you want the final result to be.

  7. Roll the nape up

    Pull the loose section of hair into a low ponytail. Repeat the procedure for rolling and tucking. Pin the bottom roll so that it matches the top. Finish with hairspray.