How Do I Become a Piercing Artist?

become-piercing-artist Credit: Valentin Casarsa/E+/Getty Images

Most states require a person to get licensed to become a professional piercing artist. Before applying for a license, it is necessary to receive proper training on piercing artistry, safety and customer service. You may have to be at least 18 years old as well.

  1. Complete an apprenticeship

    The Association of Professional Piercers notes that the standard way to enter the profession is to train under a licensed, experienced professional piercer. Some states require a certain number of supervised training hours for licensure; Minnesota requires 200 hours, for instance. The APP suggests at least six months of supervised training. During or immediately after the apprenticeship, attend industry conferences to learn about up-to-date equipment, processes and artistry trends.

  2. Get health and safety training

    Professional piercers need certification in first aid and CPR. Since the job involves piercing clients' skin, it is possible to face health conditions related to blood loss, anxiety or heart conditions. The YMCA and Red Cross often provide training classes throughout the year.

  3. Complete the license application

    Submit your licensing application through the state health department or another state agency that oversees licensure. Provide documentation as required of your training. Pay the service fee and wait for the license to arrive in the mail.