How Do You Become a Model for an Urban Clothing Line?

become-model-urban-clothing-line Credit: Benjamin Galli/CC-BY-2.0

The first step to becoming an urban model is to get compelling photographs taken by a professional photographer. Other tactics to break into the urban modeling world include establishing a reputation as a model online and acquiring modeling jobs to gain exposure.

Aspiring models need a full body photograph, as well as at least two head shots, according to The source also recommends wearing a swimsuit and snug clothing that shows off the figure. Including as many photographs as possible in a modeling portfolio to show samples of past work and versatility is a great way to get noticed.

Aspiring models should maintain professionalism by being on time for jobs and promptly following up on business inquiries. This etiquette conveys discipline and respect, which gives an aspiring model a competitive edge over her peers. Remaining humble and refraining from displaying diva-like behavior is also an ideal way to make a lasting impression. advises that new models should set boundaries by telling agencies and employers what types of jobs are off limits. For example, if a model does not want to compromise her beliefs by smoking or wearing fur in a picture, these preferences should be made clear in order to avoid awkward situations.