How Do You Become a Magazine Model?

become-magazine-model Credit: Izabela Habur/E+/Getty Images

Becoming a magazine model involves applying to modeling agencies, creating a portfolio and auditioning for photo shoots. The business is competitive and requires models to have the exact physical characteristics editorials are looking for, according to Vogue Italia.

  1. Research an agency

    Look for a modeling agency that has operated for years and represents models who are featured in magazines. Find an agency with successful models, and research its reputation online.

  2. Get agency representation

    After you find a reputable modeling agency, apply for representation. Most agencies do not hire every model who applies, so have a list of other prospective agencies ready. If one agency rejects you, apply for another until you are hired.

  3. Build a portfolio

    Work on photo shoots with the agency to collect examples of your modeling work. Create composition photo cards for fashion designers and editors to review before hiring you.

  4. Go on auditions

    Audition for fashion designers who want their clothes to be featured in magazines. Agencies send models to auditions with composition photo cards, portfolios and instructions on what to say or how to behave. Model clothes the designer provides you, and sit in for test photos.

  5. Get hired for a magazine photo shoot

    Wait for the designer to offer you the job. Designers go through test photos and notes for every model and select one or more for the magazine. After you are hired, model for the magazine photo shoot. Apply to more magazine modeling jobs to become a reputable magazine model.