How Do You Become a Hipster?

How Do You Become a Hipster?

To become a hipster, adopt hipster fashion, widen your music tastes, talk like a hipster, be creative, increase your intelligence and be open minded. Hipsters do not conform to popular culture and expectations.

  1. Adopt hipster fashion

    Shop at thrift stores, and adopt an old-school fashion sense. Distressed jeans are especially popular with hipsters. Avoid following fashion trends at all costs.

  2. Widen your music range

    Listen to new and undiscovered music. Consider listening to your favorite music genre in another language. Go to underground clubs to discover new bands.

  3. Talk like a hipster

    Use witty humor and references in your speech. Include quotes in conversation, and incorporate your own personality into your speech.

  4. Be creative

    Pursue music, writing, poetry or another creative talent. If you don't currently have any creative talents, learn to play an instrument or try other creative hobbies.

  5. Improve your intelligence

    Take every opportunity to learn. Familiarize yourself with world politics. Get behind a cause, and advocate for it. Hipsters are generally intelligent, vocal and opinionated.

  6. Be open-minded

    See the world from other people’s perspectives. Stand up for a cause, and avoid following popular opinion, especially if you do not agree with it. Peace and nonviolence are at the core of the hipster culture.