How Do I Become an Eye Makeup Model?

The key to becoming an eye makeup model is a clear, healthy pair of eyes and a willingness to search and contact national modeling agencies that specifically represent the small niche market of eye modeling.

In the world of fashion and cosmetic modeling, a specialized "niche" market deals with body parts, such as the eyes, feet, hands or legs. For eye makeup, eye creams and even prescriptions for eye skin repair, modeling agencies send out men and women hired specifically for the beauty, symmetry and shape of their eyes and surrounding skin.

Among the chief requirements for an in-demand eye model are eyes free from crow's feet, dark circles, redness and puffy or irritated skin. Eye models must take care with diet and sleep and be free from allergies that create reactions around the eyes.

While not always required, good photos of your eyes -- with and without makeup, for women; no makeup for men -- are recommended. Show the eyes off at their best, using different angles, and preferably in natural light.

The most important follow-up is to call modeling agencies and ask whether they hire body parts models, specifying that you are an eye model. Bring along your photos, and try to get as much exposure to modeling agents as possible.