How Do You Become a Body Piercer?

How Do You Become a Body Piercer?

How Do You Become a Body Piercer?

Becoming a body piercer takes time and dedication to the craft. According to the Association of Professional Piercers, there is a clear path to take to become a body piercer.

  1. Serve an apprenticeship at a reputable studio

    On-the-job training is crucial for body piercers. Locating a suitable studio to start your apprenticeship is as easy as asking your favorite place. Either they can take you on as an apprentice, or recommend you to a studio they respect.

  2. Attend health and safety certifications

    Getting trained in blood-borne pathogens, first aid and CPR are just as important as learning the anatomy of the body. Inquire at your local Red Cross for upcoming certification dates.

  3. Train for the required amount of time

    Before beginning to pierce, it is required that you spend three months learning sterilization, cross-contamination and other health and safety issues as a trainee. Then there is a minimum requirement of six months as an apprentice that helps you to learn each type of piercing in full detail.

  4. Attend a suitable training seminar

    On top of your apprenticeship, attendance at a training seminar of four days or more is necessary for you to become certified as a body piercer. Pay attention to your state's standards for certification to make sure you attend the correct courses.